sidebar problems

  mad1234 01 May 09

hi guys
i have lost my sidebar!
have been thru the items i could find already on this site & the only thing that worked was going back to a previous restore point until i shut the computer down. on reboot the sidebar was gone again
any ideas anyone?

  User-1229748 01 May 09

sorry if these is a daft question but you do have it set to start?

  mad1234 01 May 09

start sidebar when windows starts - the box has tick in it & so does sidebar is always on top of other windows

  User-1229748 01 May 09

it's been a while since i used vista but it may have a setting in services also that may need to be enabled- for services go to control panel and i think it is under administrative tools

  mad1234 01 May 09

no - can't see anything in there

  User-1229748 01 May 09

had you used windows update before this started happening?if so i would uninstall the updates and reinstall them one by one to see if one is causing it- the same could be said for any programs that you may have installed since before it started giving any could also give ccleaner a shot if you don't use it alreadyclick here

  Ventad 01 May 09

Have you tried start/start search/type- windows sidebar properties retick start sidebar when windows starts

  Woolwell 01 May 09

This may help click here

  mad1234 05 May 09

thanks guys for all your help
i think i may have a bigger problem than i first thought. i was going through the help file from woolwell & i have discovered that i don't even have dos command prompt in my accessories
i will try the earliest restore point i have & see if that works

  Woolwell 05 May 09

Try typing CMD in the search box (click on Start) and if you get CMD then right click on it and choose run as administrator. This should enable you to follow the rest of my earlier link.

  mad1234 05 May 09

i have restored my pc to one of the earliest restore points i have & up popped the side bar.
i then allowed my pc to get updates from HP & when i restarted it my sidebar has gone
so i can safely say that my HP update is responsible for it.
anyone got any idea if there is a fix for this?


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