Shutting down Virtual XP in Windows 7

  tallboy 14 Aug 11

Since the last Microsoft update, my Virtual XP mode has failed to integrate my selection of applications. I get a message saying you can shut it down and try again, but the only function I can achieve with it is to hibernate - which doesn't clear the problem.

I have searched the Microsoft Windows 7 XP Mode Help screens, but that doesn't give a fool-proof way to shut it down. (It suggests CTL+ALT+END - but that doesn't work.)

If you know a way of getting it going again, I would be very grateful!



  T0SH 14 Aug 11

I am not sure if it will help in your situation, if you use windows update from XP mode and with a bit luck it requires a restart, then the process would seem to involve a shutdown and restarting of virtual PC

Cheers HC

  T0SH 14 Aug 11

There are also other options available from clicking on the Ctrl+Alt+Del in the Virtual PC toolbar you can then choose Shut Down then select it again from the options dropdown

Not very well explained on my part I am afraid but if nothing else it should at least point you in the correct direction

Cheers HC

  tallboy 14 Aug 11

Hi Tosh

Many thanks for the suggestions. Another helpful subscriber advised me to 'kill' the process (vpc.exe) from the Processes tab of the Windows 7 Task Master. I did this and it fixed the problem - integrating the apps next time I started it.

Unfortunately Ctrl+Alt+Del didn't bring up the usual window allowing you to use 'Shut Down' to kill it.

I guess something just go stuck!



  T0SH 04 Sep 11

Very rubbish explanation on my part

The Ctrl+Alt+Del option appears in the toolbar at the top of the Virtual PC screen as a clickable option

"Action USB Tools Ctrl+Alt+Del"

when you click this you get to a Windows Security screen where "Shut Down" is one of the available options



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