Shortcut key(s) for shutting down Vista?

  sheila.weston 13 May 09

Is there a way that I can shut down Vista on my laptop, using one of the function keys? I thought that there was, but can't find it in the help files.

  tullie 13 May 09

Sorry dont know,but it wouldent be any quicker than the normal method would it?

  Peter 14 May 09


My netbook, which is running Windows XP, has the Fn + F12 function to send the netbook into sleep mode. Remember that you need to combine the Fn key with a function key (F1 - F12) to access the extra functions.

Another way is to put a shortcut on the desktop. I've got two, one for Windows Shutdown and one for Windows Restart. If this idea is of interest to you reply to this thread and I will provide instructions. I'll have to check how it's done on my wife's Vista laptop.


  canarieslover 14 May 09

For me the standard Alt F4 then Enter does the trick.

  mooly 14 May 09

You can configure the main power button to do that in "power plans"... configure to do just what you want, shutdown, hibernate or sleep.

  sheila.weston 02 Jul 09

Many thanks, all. Sorry for late response - I didn't get a reminder/notification by email. I have found that pressing the FN key brings up a reminder of what all the F keys do. It is Fn + F3 for sleep and F4 for hibernate.

Yes please, Peter, if you could let me know how to make a shortcut on the desktop, I would be grateful.

I have configured the Power Plan, but it doesn't seem to work as far as the button is concerned - will try again.

  chub_tor 02 Jul 09

Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Power Options, Choose what the power button does (on the left hand side), When I press the Power Button, select ShutDown for Battery and Plugged In, Save and Close.

  Peter 02 Jul 09


The desktop shortcuts for Windows Restart and Windows Shutdown are shown below. To make things easier for you I will email you with these shortcuts as attachments.

Windows Shutdown - C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /s /c "Windows is shutting down - Goodbye." /t 002

Windows Restart - C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /r /c "Windows is restarting - see you again soon." /t 002

The final digit - 002 - determines how long the Restart or Shutdown message stays on-screen before the appropriate action takes place.



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