shared file needs permission

  sheila.weston 23 Feb 09

I am trying to tidy up my shared documents folder but am told that I 'need permission' to move a file into another folder. There is a similar problem at click here and it was resolved by giving the files passwords. Isn't there *any* way that I can resolve this problem without resorting to passwords?

I find that I can move the file in the main XP machine, but it doesn't show in the vista laptop, which is odd.

Thanks for any help.

  BurrWalnut 23 Feb 09

You could take ‘ownership’:
Right-click the folder, select Properties > Security Tab > Advanced at the bottom > Owner Tab > Edit > Highlight your username and put a tick in ‘Replace owner on sub containers…’ and Apply > OK. Click Yes when you receive the Security pop-up window then click OK to the Close/Reopen message. Make a note of the previous owner in case you want to change it back.

Now go back to the Properties > Security Tab. Click Edit > Add. Type in your User Account Name in the box under Enter the objects name to select. Click on Check Names > OK. Click on your User Account Name to highlight it. Check the box for Full Control > Apply and OK etc.

  sheila.weston 23 Feb 09

Many thanks.

I have got up to the owner tab>edit and am not sure what to do then. The box says 'change owner to Sheila-laptop' which I *could* elect, but I really want something like 'all users'. I have tried SHEILA-LAPTOP (as it already has SHEILA-DESKTOP and IE froze. Selecting 'locations' brought up SHEILA-DESKTOP' and 'Check names' brought up nothing.

I then tried again and got to the permissions page, but don't know what to put. Is there any way of browsing to the location so that I know what user or group to add?

  BurrWalnut 24 Feb 09

Type Everyone.

  sheila.weston 02 Mar 09

Sorry for delay in reply - I got side-tracked. Yes, that works!. Very many thanks.

  BurrWalnut 02 Mar 09

I'm glad it worked, thank you for posting back.


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