Setting up a home group or sharing a printer with laptops using Win7 and Vista?

  bjayb 30 Dec 11

Is it possible to set up a shared printer with one laptop running Windows7 and the other laptop running Vista?

I have tried setting all the required sharing settings on both units, but without success!

Anyone know an answer to this please?

Brian Bartlett

  difarn 30 Dec 11

The best way is to set up a homegroup - have a look at this article and video. Once you have set the homegroup up then it is easy to share printers, etc. The other alternative is to add your printer to your router and then any pc can access it. You will need to add your IP address to the printer and make sure that all pc's have the relevant printer driver. You may also have to access your router and enable the live printer.

  difarn 30 Dec 11

Sorry meant also to attach this article which explains the process well with images.

  bjayb 30 Dec 11

Hi and many thanks for your help. I will take a good look at the article and video tomorrow and see how we get on, but I must say it does sound promising!

All the best and have a Happy new year.


  difarn 30 Dec 11

Hope you are successful.

Happy New Year to you too.


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