Seriously peed off

  gengiscant 26 Oct 09

I decided to install Windows 7 and as my post title suggests I am not happy, most of the problems are minor and will sort them in good time. But my main problem is Wolfenstein, after installation and when I try to play I get a black screen but the game is running I can here all the sounds, but all I can see is moving across the black screen is "input not supported".
I have tried changing the resolution, I've tried compatiblity mode. The same result. Any suggestions, there's nothing of any help on the Activision support site.
I'm glad I kept a copy of my XP installation.A quick swap of harddrives is on the cards I think.
Oh my monitor is a 22in widescreen and I have 2 8800GT cards in SLI. Drivers up to date.

  john bunyan 26 Oct 09

I do not have games, but your point is similar to my worry. I am about to buy W 7, and have a second, slave ,drive that I usually use as a clone. I am thinking of keeping XP on it as a dual boot. Alternatively I believe the Ultimate version has a XP function so maybe that is an alternative for those of us not yet switched.

  Forum Editor 26 Oct 09

For the record, both the Professional and the Ultimate versions have the Windows XP emulator.

  mrwoowoo 27 Oct 09

Since you tried different resolutions, did you try lowering the refresh rate to one your display supports as well?

  john bunyan 27 Oct 09

Thanks. I think the price differential is about £10 so thought it worth the extra. I still wonder if I should, maybe ,create a third partition, with dual boot to XP or W7 on two with "my docs" on the third partition. Not sure if Photoshop CS4 will let one do this.. Also could you run different anti virus on each of the system partitions?


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