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  surfer47 13:00 29 Feb 12

I am not too sure where this should go so your forbearance if it is in the wrong slot. I am using Windows Vista with Serif PhotoPlusX5 and AlbumPlusX4 to load photos from a CF card into Pictures. As a safeguard I load all the card images into a holding file so if anything goes wrong I have a fall back. I call this folder “All Camera” Up to now I have been able to select a bunch of images and “Send” them to the destination folder. Now for some reason that part seems to malfunction. I select the photos and “Send” but they don’t appear in All Camera, that is to say I can’t see them but if I try again I get a box saying the photos are already in the folder. I get the same result if I Drag & Drop the photos Can anyone help?

  chub_tor 11:15 01 Mar 12

If you refresh the All Camera file after you have sent them do they appear?

  chub_tor 11:23 01 Mar 12

On second thoughts it sounds as if the files may be hidden, go to Control Panel, Appearance, Folder Options, scroll down and click on Show Hidden Files and Folders. Then check if you can see them.

  surfer47 22:15 03 Mar 12

I tried looking for hidden files but no change but experimenting further I created another folder and I was able to "Send To" and "Drag & Drop" into that so is there any way a folder can be stopped from accepting additiional files or getting full? I am thinking now of creating a new folder and transferring all the files into that and then deleting the original folder and changing the name of the new to the original Regards

  chub_tor 12:28 04 Mar 12

There is no practical limit to the number of files that you can put in a folder nor do I know of a simple way to stop a folder from accepting files so I think that your idea of creating a new folder for your picture files is a good one and should solve your so far unidentified problem. At least it will get you going again.

  surfer47 10:42 07 Mar 12

Hi! I tried creating a new folder for Sendto and everything works fine. Thanks for your help

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