security on W.7

  sunnystaines 12:08 10 Aug 09

what firewalls, AV, spyware are you running on W7

Have you found any with unsolved issues.

  sunnystaines 12:10 10 Aug 09

fogot to include does norton UAC tool work with W7?

  sonyboy 15:35 10 Aug 09

I have tested various Security software both "free" and "paid for" on Windows7... and can report the following..AVG Free and Avira's most recent versions work well without any negative issues..and Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 which is my personal favourite "paid for" version works faultlessly.
PCTools free Firewall and Anti virus also behaves well on 7!
On the whole...I've found Windows7 to be very "easy going" in its' acceptance of the many and varied applications I have tested on it.
Bear in mind though..Its the old can depend a lot on what other software that users may have added to their machines too! Developers do a decent job overall of attempting to make applications that will coexist alongside each other...but if you look at "user reviews" on download will always see that some users will praise certain software ..and others won't allow it near their machines.
The Security programs I've stated above ...have all performed well on the three test machines I've tried them on..but a lot is down to personal taste too .Some beginners have trouble with Kaspersky 2009 and others struggle with AVG and Avira...So...if you are happy with the interface and the ease of configuration ...and virus detection capability of any of the above ..then any of these work quite happily on 7..Hope this helps?

  brundle 16:08 10 Aug 09

NOD32 AV v4 works fine. I've found 7's UAC much less intrusive than Vista's; I haven't felt the need for Norton UAC so far and I've been doing a fair amount of admin tasks since upgrading Vista Business to 7 Enterprise on Friday - Vista would have driven me mad with UAC prompts in the same circumstances. 7 allows you more control over UAC too - a choice of 4 settings if I recall; I haven't felt the need to adjust it yet.

  Pine Man 16:33 10 Aug 09

I'm using AVG Free, Spamfighter and SpywareBlaster in addition to the Windows firewall. I have turned off Windows Defender. All work perfectly.

Norton UAC will NOT work with Windows 7 but I understand that it is possible that one will be developed.

Windows UAC is still a bit of a nuisance and I cannot understand why Microsoft didn't give it a memory like the Norton version.

  tigertop2 17:39 10 Aug 09

I have PC Tools 2009 package on 4 Windows7 PCs . all work just fine although you would be wise to turn off Windows Defender as it may conflict with PCT at some time.

My only concern is that Symantec have bought out PCTools. If Symantec start mucking about with it I shall look elsewhere

  sonyboy 19:10 10 Aug 09

I have to agree with tigertop2 on the PCTools issue.I was always a big..big fan of Peter Nortons' programs ..then along came Symantec and screwed them with the "deep hooks into the registry" stuff ..I have long since decided that Symantec will have a job on getting my support back.The PCTools suite does run very sweetly on Windows 7 ..Lets' hope it stays that way eh?

  laurie53 21:36 10 Aug 09

Zone Alarm doesn't work, nor do they seem very interested.

After many years they've lost me.

  ol blueeyes 13:16 14 Aug 09

I tried Panda Anti-Virus from the suggestion Page of MICROSOFT after installing it on 3 occaisons MICROFT did not recognise it and they said I should go elsewhere.
Well if it a'int no good why recommend it.
But then that's MICROSOFT>

  birdface 19:56 01 Sep 09

Can Windows Defender be deleted or are we stuck with it the same as Vista.

  Strawballs 23:22 01 Sep 09

AVG works well

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