This search bar always show up

  JeffStar 19 Dec 11

When open a tab, it always shows up, that is Resultoffer name, how to wipe it?

  KRONOS the First 19 Dec 11

Try add and remove.

  difarn 19 Dec 11

Searches seem to intimate that this is a fake search engine - quote from one of the searches:-

"Resultoffer is a fake search engine promoted by a so-called browser toolbar that’s actually a badware trojan. So, to make the long story short, if your browser keeps sending you to this domain, you have an infection on your PC.

  Ibanez2010 19 Dec 11

Therefore, try to uninstall it from control panel and then run a full up to date virus scan. Also run malwarebytes antimalware and superantispyware. Both are very good anti-malware scanners.

  slatwater 22 Dec 11

correct, resultoffer is not a good search bar, it hints trojan on computer, you'd better rid of it quickly

  john bunyan 22 Dec 11

If you have it run Superantispyware (free) If you do not have it here is a link:

Alternatively Malawarebytes; if there is a trojan one of these should remove it.

  cathyacur 23 Dec 11

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  john bunyan 23 Dec 11



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