Seagate DiscWizard How To Restore ?

  RobCr 08:09 23 Apr 12

Seagate provides a FREE download of their Seagate DiscWizard It is Acronis True Image, but slightly tweaked for Seagate. I have used it many many times for XP, and it is fairly 'idiot proof'. I cannot say the same for Windows 7 Imaging. Creating the image is 'idiot proof' Restoring the image is a mental challenge for me. Say I had just one partition on a drive, and I create an image. When you try to restore an image, you have to choose from three checkboxes - CMD 100 MB - OS (your real partition) - MBR Ideally there should be one box that you could tick to restore my simple one partition drive, BUT THERE AIN'T So I have to decide which of the three checkboxes to tick I would like to tick the lot, BUT YOU CAN'T You can only tick one at a time. I do not know which one to do first. And if that was not enough of a problem, you have to decide whether to make it Active (Do I make the CMD Active ?) (Do I make the OS Active ?) (Do I position the CMD Hard left) (Do I position the OS hard left) And if that was not enough of a dilemma, You are given two ways to Restore the other two checkboxes - - You can do a mini reverse (Before allowing the Restore) to tick one more checkbox, OR - You can Restore each checkbox one at a time. Either way, you still have to decide on making each Active, and 'hard lefting'.

Needless to say, I got it wrong, and am about to delete all the partitions (CMD apparently being considered a partition) and try Restoring again.

Could anyone point me to a tutorial for doing Seagate DiscWizard Restores of Windows 7

Thanks, Rob

  johndrew 10:08 23 Apr 12

I found this PDF for DiskWizard which indicates it is only good for XP and Vista - see page 8. But, I would have thought it should work on W7 as well. There may also be help at the Seagate site as they offer a lot of information.

If none of the above helps, I Googled "Seagate DiscWizard tutorial" and had a lot of hits; some of those may help.

  lotvic 14:26 23 Apr 12

Can't you continue to do it the 'old way' with the Seagate Acronis?

Boot from the CD you made, tutorial with screenshots Restore Windows 7/8 Partitions Using Acronis True Image

  RobCr 15:49 23 Apr 12

WOW, Thanks for that. It appears that all I ever had to do was tick the OS partition, and ignore the CMD and MBR checkboxes.

If that is all there is, no wonder I had difficulties in the past (but managed to pull it off, until now).

I will try to undo the mess on the drive, and have a fresh go at it.

Thanks much'ly, in anticipation, Rob

  RobCr 17:42 23 Apr 12

I am now running again.

This update is mainly for future Googlers.

If I had read the Tutorial a day earlier, I would have been ok. Namely, only tick the middle checkbox (the Partition with the OS, and make it Primary, and complete the Restore)

I had a mess in there (having not read the TUT a day earlier). I tried fixing the mess, but to no avail. So I deleted the CMD and OS partitions.

What I did next, is also the rule for those that are restoring into an empty drive. Do the mini loop 3 times -

  • Tick CMD and make it Active

  • Tick OS and make it Primary

  • Tick MBR

Then do the Restore.

Thanks to you both for taking the time to assist.

Regards, Rob

PS Forgive any excessive blank lines. I appear to (sometimes) have to have two blank lines, to get a line break ?

  lotvic 18:04 23 Apr 12

Glad it's sorted to how you wanted.

Yes you do have to have two blank lines (press enter twice), to get a line break on this forum :)

  lotvic 12:15 24 Apr 12

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