Stevie07 21:56 13 Oct 07

How do I change the screensaver that pops in at the log in scren? I can change my individual screensaver within my log in but not at the screen where veryone logs in.

  rdave13 22:55 13 Oct 07

Not used it myself but have a look here; click here

  Stevie07 10:56 14 Oct 07

Thanks but I want to use a third party screensaver that I already have at the mainlog in screen and cant find anything under control panel even as an Administrator.

  tullie 12:54 14 Oct 07

A screensaver is what we used years ago to "save the screen",it came on after a period determined by the user,but not necessary these days,it just uses resources.Is this what you want?

  Stevie07 15:29 14 Oct 07

Yes I am aware of the resources that screen savers use, but this thread is about how to use Visa to get the screen saver to kick in from the main log in screen. I cant find a menu within Vista Home Premium that allows me to either chaneg the screensaver, or the background image of the main log in screen.

  Babou 12:52 26 Oct 07

Right-click on the desktop, choose Personalize and the settings are there.

  Stevie07 14:29 26 Oct 07

You can only do hat from within an account. If you switch PC on and leave it at the main log in screen with no one logged in the screensaver kicks in. Its this one that I want to change.

  rdave13 16:51 28 Oct 07

Just found this; click here .

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