Screen resolution is not right

  computeridiot 22 Aug 12

My computer recently told me to install some updates, I usually don't bother and just leave it but this time I installed them. However, after the updates had installed, I went back to my laptop to see that the screen resolution is 'stretched'. I have done the following

  • Set it to the highest resolution
  • Made icons small instead of medium

The highest resolution it will allow is 1204 x 768 but this is not what it used to be. I have no idea what the old setting was but I do know this look isn't right.

I also started my computer in safe mode, and it had a higher resolution when I edited the settings that was the right one but when I restarted my laptop, it went back to the smaller size.

Please help! It's so annoying, web pages don't look right and there is always a horizontal scroll bar (no my page isn't zoomed in, the toolbars, tabs, EVERYTHING is different)

  difarn 22 Aug 12

Do you have a button on your monitor that probably says "auto" - this should put the monitor to default native resolution?

The update that is causing the problem is likely to be the one for your graphics - try to find this and uninstall it for roll back to the previous driver in Device Manager.

You can find the updates by going into Control Manager, add/remove programs, show updates.

  computeridiot 25 Aug 12

nope, just the usual options :/

i went onto the device manager and it says everything is up to date.

i recently changed from windows vista to windows 7, could this have something to do with the resolution changing?

  Forum Editor 25 Aug 12

Right-click on your desktop, and select 'screen resolution'.

Make sure it is your monitor that is shown as the default, and then select the resolution that you want to use.

  Aime 30 Aug 12

Sometimes updating is really difficult to manipulate because it gives much problems. in your case choose default to go back everything or resolution.

  jamieamunra 03 Sep 12

Just go to Device Manager and Roll back the driver to the previously installed one. If you want to update your Graphics driver go to your OEM website and download it instead of the windows drivers.


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