Scandisk Vista Premium

  darklord 06 Aug 09

Try to do a scandisk check on the PC did eveything the right way ie: went into the c: drive open up properties went into 'tools' click on error check wait for box to open 'windows can't check disk then schedule a disk check. close down the computer and restart up a few mins later. wait for check to run but windows just open up without running a check on the hard drives. No matter how many times i order a check disk it would not run. Can fine what going worry can anyone help me out thanks


Windows Vista Home Premium
Processor Intel Pentium 3.20GHz
Memory 1.50 GB
C: drive 182GB

  sunnystaines 06 Aug 09

I had this a while ago, was fixed by running SFC /SCANNOW

Youtube video to get you started,

click here

  skidzy 07 Aug 09

Chkddsk Through the Command Line

Step 1

Sign onto your computer as an administrator. You need to have administrative rights in order to run the Windows Vista Chkdsk utility.
Step 2

Navigate to the Windows Vista Chkdsk utility through the command line via the "Start" menu. From the "All Programs" menu click on "Accessories." Select the "Run" menu item which will open a text box in which you will type the instructions for running Chkdsk.
Step 3

Type "cmd" in the Run textbox and click "OK." Doing so will open a DOS Window.
Step 4

Insert "chkdsk c:\ "at the flashing prompt to begin the Chkdsk utility. Replace "c:\" with the letter of the drive for which you want to run the Chkdsk utility. If your hard drive is "d:\", then type that instead.
Step 5

After the "chkdsk c:\" command insert "\f" to fix errors on the disc volume or "\r" to recover bad sectors. For more Chkdsk DOS commands visit the Microsoft website.


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