run W8 and W7 ?

  Petesilver 02 Feb 13

I recently upgraded my W7 to W8 however due to some issues with some of my hardware not working I went back to W7 (via disc image restore)I did however make an image of the W8 installation, If I make another partition can I install this and if I do how will my pc boot up ? its a desktop with plenty of hdd storage and memory

  rdave13 02 Feb 13

I've never done this but it sounds intriguing. Are both images stored on another hard drive? If it goes belly up you could use your software to install the image again on the original drive. If the images are on the same hard drive you wish to try and dual boot, from the images, I wouldn't try it. Otherwise create a big partition on the drive now running win 7.

Boot from your software's rescue disk and install the image of Win 8 (from another drive or external drive) onto the new partition. Rebooting should give the option which OS to boot from, hopefully, otherwise I think 8 will take preference.

I'd have a go but I don't have much to lose as I've backups and images galore :) Thanks to the forumites here who remind from time to time the importance of backing up.

  rdave13 02 Feb 13

Have a look here for some tips only as you'll have two images on two partitions.

  rdave13 02 Feb 13

To clarify my last post, you will have a different image on two partitions.

  Petesilver 02 Feb 13

Thanks for all your replies I think I leave things as they are I do have the image I can restore at any time if I want. But on the whole I think I prefer W7 anyway but thanks for all your comments.


  rdave13 02 Feb 13

Petesilver you don't state where your images are saved nor the software you use to create images. If you use the Windows' own backup image I certainly would not rely on it.


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