Roxio Creator Starter

  pellim 31 Dec 11

Roxio Creator Starter is installed on my laptop,( running Windows 7) and takes up 1.63 GB. I'd be grateful if someone could tell me what exactly Roxio does. I have iTunes installed. Do I need Roxio?

  difarn 31 Dec 11

It is a media editing programme for creating cd's/dvd's etc that usually comes free with Dell pc's. There is quite a lot of discussion about it on the web - you will see that a lot of people have been having trouble with it and have uninstalled it. If you look at your programmes you will probably find that you have Windows Media Player and possibly another similar programme installed, all of which perform the same function.

For iTunes you need an: "iTunes-compatible CD or DVD recorder to create audio CDs, MP3 CDs, or back-up CDs or DVDs"

Here is an article about Windows Media Player that may help you. I do not use iTunes but I do have an MP3 player and successfully transfer music from my PC to it via Windows Media Player which converts it into MP3's

  pellim 31 Dec 11

Thanks difam for all the info - very helpful.

  difarn 31 Dec 11

Glad to help.

  difarn 31 Dec 11

Just one thing occurred to me, I think that the Roxio Media Manager may be responsible for the operation of the Dell Support Centre if you use that. There is a lot of discussion about whether to disable/uninstall this Support Centre feature if you want to "Google" this.

  john bunyan 31 Dec 11

I use iTunes with a normal DVD / CD drive to rip to iTunes or create audio CD's from it, with no problems.When you rip a cd you can select mp3

  pellim 01 Jan 12

I've dutifully used the Support Centre to scan the hard drive etc., but on googling the matter I find you don't really need it. I'll leave it and Roxio in place for the moment. I couldn't find Support Centre on the start list, but the pop-up has a delete cross anyway. I did find my annoying Genie-soft payment-reminder pop-up and was delighted to clobber it, so thank you , difarn, for that!
Hello john bunyan - again. My DVD drive and iTunes seem to be functioning fine, I've just burned a cd, not a dvd as yet. The next problem is just around the corner...

  difarn 01 Jan 12

Glad you are sorted. Happy New Year.


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