Roxio Creator 2009

  Stephanie 12:04 PM 20 Jan 09

This is the only program so far that's failed to work with me on Win 7. Anyone got it working?

So far, I've installed
itunes 8
Firefox 3
Photoshop cs2
Lightroom 1.4
Open Office 3
Nero 7(as Roxio won't work)

and they all seem to by running fine. I do find that in a couple of cases the installer seems to throw up odd error messages but so far each application has installed.

  pcmags 16:00 PM 23 Jan 09

May not be compatible due to Windows 7 Beta still being in test mode!

  crosstrainer 17:09 PM 23 Jan 09

Try this for the time being:

It's free:

click here

  Stephanie 20:05 PM 23 Jan 09

I've discovered that it's only the start module that doesn't work. If you select individual modules, it seems to be ok. I decided to load and old copy of Nero 7 which seems to be fine.

Generally, I like Win 7 so far. It does seem to be quite stable so far, and UAC is far less annoying than in Vista. I thought I'd want to reinstate the Quicklaunch toolbar on the taskbar, but so far I haven't bothered, so maybe it's not as necessary as I thought!

  fmtura 10:50 AM 05 Feb 09

Just update to Creator2009SP3 all is fine and running.


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