Revert to Windows XP

  GlosShrew 11:18 22 Feb 08

My machine is an Acer Aspire T650. Due to booting problems and the dreaded BSOD - I had to reinstall Windows XP using the Acer Recovery Disk. I then decided to 'bite the bullet' and upgrade to Windows Vista using the disk supplied in the Acer Vista upgrade program. However because of various problems with Vista I decided to revert to XP - however when using the Acer Recovery Disk I now get an error message at the 'Restore Partition' screen as follows "Cannot format the object drive. Press OK to Return".

The Acer help desk were not very forthcoming stating that I was now 'stuck with Vista' as the recovery files had been overwritten.

Any ideas on how to get around this? Many thanks.

  anskyber 12:27 22 Feb 08

Once the upgrade has been done the XP in effect "disappears".

What are the problems you have experienced, we may be able to sort them for you here.

  GlosShrew 16:53 22 Feb 08

Thanks for the response. The Vista problems are related to Internet access i.e. I need to fork out for a new ethernet modem as Vista does not support my current one. Just wanted to save a few bob by reverting back to XP (which meets my needs OK)

  helen_312 21:00 22 Feb 08

You will have to either buy an OEM XP disk or buy a Vista compatible modem.

Have you though of buying a modem router. This will solve your problems and could make you wireless.

  tullie 21:11 22 Feb 08

Would have saved all your problems just getting a router

  GlosShrew 22:02 23 Feb 08

Yep agreed - will probably go wireless - just wanted to save myself £60 (or thereabouts) by going back to my previous system. Thanks for the feedback.

  mario1962 14:21 13 Oct 08

Hello there.
I was having same problem trying to downgrade to XP an Acer laptop. Model 5730.
I place a phone call to the Acer support and a guy told me the partition NEED to be fat32 in order the restore to work WITHOUT the "cannot format the object drive" error.
Using a proper software tool (many available on the net) I deleted the 2nd and 3rd partitons of the disk. KEEP THE FIRST ONE!! Needed to alt-f10 recovery.
Then I created a new partiton in fat32 and rebotted with the recovery cd. Now it's working. Asked the DVD then the 1st CD back.... hopefully I will have my downgraded notebook soon!

  tullie 16:02 13 Oct 08

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