Revert to Windows 7 from Windows 8 Upgrade

  KISP 27 Feb 13


Can anyone please help. I need to revert back to Windows 7 from Windows 8 to enable compatibility with some audio interface products. However, my lap top was already installed with Windows 7 and I do not have a disk to re-install.

I am pretty much a novice when it comes to working my way round the operating system (which doesn't bode well for my foray into audio interfaces!) so I would really appreciate some 'idiot proof' advice as to how I go about removing Windows 8 and re-installing Windows 7.

Many thanks,

  sharpamat 27 Feb 13

Did you not make a set of recovary disc? you could use those. A make and model may also be helpful

  chub_tor 27 Feb 13

If you know the version of Windows 7 that was installed and you can read the Keycode that is usually stuck on the bottom of your laptop then you can download a Win 7 iso from here burn it to a DVD and re-install Win 7. You may have to call Microsoft to explain what you have done when you activate Win 7.

  KISP 27 Feb 13

Thanks for the replies. The make and model is Toshiba L670 - don't know if that helps, but no I didn't make a recovery disk.

  chub_tor 27 Feb 13

Click Here for a procedure to restore the laptop to factory settings but there seems to be some confusion as to which key initiates it. F8 seems to be the most popular choice but F12 is also mentioned in some threads. If you have the manual that should tell you the key for your model.


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