Restore a restore point from earlier

  sol_sun_ftm 16:23 12 Jun 13

If I use restore to restore my computer to an earlier time will that restore the restore points that were available then. The restore points on my computer don't go far enough back so I am hoping that restoring it ti the earliest possible point with then allow me to then restore further Or am I talking rubbish

  Chronos the 2nd 16:58 12 Jun 13

No it does not work like that. The earliest you can see is as far as it goes back.

  Nontek 17:03 12 Jun 13

You can put a tick into a box within the Restore setup to show More Restore Points, so you might see a few more.

I did a Restore of my Win7 earlier today, that's how I know. My restore worked perfectly although be patient, mine took about 20-25 Minutes.

  sol_sun_ftm 17:25 12 Jun 13

Thanks that's what I thought, just clutching at straws Nontek that's what I did but still not far enough


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