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  cowgirl66 10:18 23 Jul 07

Hi, I'm running Vista from a ModusLink upgrade on a Gateway computer. And it just crossed my mind;

Should the computer crash and I need to return to factory settings, do I use the upgrade disc to do this?

Thanks cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 10:51 23 Jul 07

I have found the answer to this so please accept my apologies and ignore this post.

Regards cowgirl66

  Probabilitydrive 10:57 23 Jul 07

cowgirl66, pleased that you found an answer. Care to share ? (for the benefit of others who might benefit from your solution)

  cowgirl66 11:35 23 Jul 07

Here goes then!

Restart your pc & keeping pressing F8 on start up, then select "Repair Your Computer"

Then select the i/p language.

After this you should get to the Recovery Center Screen, from here we choose "Recovery Manager" to reformat from the Hard-drive.

...I also found out that the 'D' partition is used for holding the Operating System & Application & drivers software. Gateway say that you can remove this partition if you choose, to free up some memory space; but they don't support it.

Hope this information is useful, Probs,

Regards, cowgirl66

23 Jul 2007 10:37:55 AM Debbie Poole says: I found a second partition 'D' partion on the hard drive. Can you tell me what this is for?
23 Jul 2007 10:39:11 AM Kieran_GWUK47866 says: this is a part of the hard-drive that is used for holding the Operating System & Application & drivers software.
23 Jul 2007 10:39:46 AM Debbie Poole says: thanks, only i know of one person who has deleted that partition!
23 Jul 2007 10:40:04 AM Debbie Poole says: in order to expand the 'C'
23 Jul 2007 10:41:26 AM Kieran_GWUK47866 says: ok yes you can do this if you choose,
23 Jul 2007 10:42:03 AM Kieran_GWUK47866 says: might free up some memory,, however we donot support this.
23 Jul 2007 10:42:30 AM Debbie Poole says: i would wonder what happened to the data held in there, once deleted
23 Jul 2007 10:42:45 AM Debbie Poole says: i won't be doing ti
23 Jul 2007 10:42:48 AM Debbie Poole says: it
23 Jul 2007 10:43:34 AM Kieran_GWUK47866 says: well you will be missing alot of program files & possibly some drivers also from windows VISTA.
23 Jul 2007 10:43:45 AM Debbie Poole says: GOD, no way for me

  Probabilitydrive 13:19 23 Jul 07

Great instructions cowgirl66, precise enough to get the world out of a crisis :) Thanks

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