Removing Vista in order to reinstall Vista

  nsmith17 20:34 14 Dec 09

Hi everyone,

I want to remove everything from my computer, wipe it totally clean and reinstall Vista from the installation disk, and I've been having some problems.

I first tried booting the disk from the desktop, and when it asked me which partition I'd like to use (I only have the one) I chose the one that the current VIsta install is on, thinking it would overwrite it, wiping out all those files. But its telling me I don't have enough disk space to do that (theres only about 10 gb left of harddrive space).

So then I changed the boot sequence and rebooted directly from the Vista disk, thinking from there I could delete the partition and reinstall. But the only options it gives me are to do a system restore or restore from a backup.

So basically I just want to completely wipe everything off my computer, then insert the Vista disk and install Vista. I have everything I need already backed up on an external. Can anyone tell me how to delete my entire OS?


  mrwoowoo 00:46 15 Dec 09

Does this help at all?
click here

  tullie 16:02 15 Dec 09

Its usually very easy,just boot from the cd and follow instructions.

  Ex plorer 11:07 25 Jan 10

Does it say its a full version or OEM version of Vista on the Disk.
My Disk gives me the same options as yours but its called (Vista Recovery) Vista is installed on a separate partition on the hard drive as its a licensed copy only.

  Ex plorer 11:28 25 Jan 10

Should have said it will delete and repair as a normal Vista Disk.

If you ever want to see your drive info go to Start, Right Click Computer, Manage, Disk Management.

  tullie 13:45 25 Jan 10

Would be nice to know if the problem was resolved.

  mrwoowoo 16:38 25 Jan 10

Some people ask a question never to be heard of again.
Unless he hasn't managed to reinstall yet, so therefore can't answer.


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