Removal of W7 Libraries

  wee eddie 28 Nov 11

I have just upgraded from XP.

I had a perfectly logical Filing System.

The Libraries feature appears to complicate the issue, probably fine if you have Files all over the place, but a nightmare if your System was well thought out and organised.

How do I remove these, so called, "Libraries" and revert to my natural File Tree.

  jja244 28 Nov 11
  john bunyan 28 Nov 11

wee eddie Like you I prefered the XP system of filing. On W7 what I did was to partition my main drive into C: (all system files and installed programmes). Then in the other (F:) partition, I have a main folder : "My Documents", with all the old XP sub folders (My pictures, my music etc - I also moved my Outlook to this - My Outlook). I actually then "told" the library where these files were - it does not actually move them but acts rather like the "Playlist" feature in i Tunes. In this way I continue to make "mirror" copies of "My Documents" using Synchtoy or Freefilesynch on to a second drive, and make ATI images of the C: drive. Why not keep the possibility of using libraries for a while in case you find a use for it - you can keep the actual files wherever you want.I actually just copied all the XP "My Documents" to the new PC by using a USB HD.

  wee eddie 29 Nov 11

Thanks JB, I like that idea and might use it.

To me, Libraries are just another part of Windows Bloat(ware). Unnecessary and Space consuming.

I'm still searching for ideas that, rather than deleting the Libraries function. I can, as it were, disable them.

  john bunyan 29 Nov 11

wee eddie. If you decide to go down the "My Documents" route, I think you can - indeed - ignore them and use the traditional system as I do. eg my i Tunes are in F:\ My Documents\ My Music \ iTunes. With recent drives of 500gig or more I suspect the space saving of deleting them would be marginal.

  john bunyan 29 Nov 11

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