Reinstalling windows 7 on a new SSD.

  ArthurJB 12:00 21 Mar 13

I have two disc on my system, a small SSD on which is installed the operating system and a few other programs and a large hard drive on which are installed the major part of my programs. The SSD is now too small and I am about the install a large one. If I do a clean install on the SSD will it automatically pick up all the programs on the hard drive? The alternative is of course to clone the SSD. Your comments would be welcome

  lotvic 14:34 21 Mar 13

No it won't pick up the programs. Cloning is the way to go.

  mole1944 06:42 23 Mar 13

Get a copy of Acronis and do a clone disc, i do this as a backup to two drives from my desktop , yes i'm a belt and braces man, i also have a clickfree dongle for data saving.

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