Reinstalling windows 7 on a new SSD.

  ArthurJB 11:59 21 Mar 13

I have two disc on my system, a small SSD on which is installed the operating system and a few other programs and a large hard drive on which are installed the major part of my programs. The SSD is now too small and I am about the install a large one. If I do a clean install on the SSD will it automatically pick up all the programs on the hard drive? The alternative is of course to clone the SSD. Your comments would be welcome

  xania 13:15 21 Mar 13

If you do a fresh install, you will have to install all your programs again otherwise the new Register will not have the information to run your software. If you have no reason for doing a fresh install, why not merely copy all the partitions from your old SSD to the new? I don't know all that much about how SSDs operate but I assume its just another storage medium in which case most partition managers should recognise them both and do all the work for you.

  chub_tor 15:41 21 Mar 13

As lotvic says on your duplicate thread you need to clone the drive. You also need to tick one of these threads as resolved - it is confusing to have two open threads on the same topic.


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