Reinstalling W7?

  jonmac 10:56 AM 03 Nov 09

I'm not pleased with my installation of Windows 7 (from XP) Too many small problems so can I just pop the disc back in and try a full install again, even though XP no longer exists on my HD? I have prepared a disc image and emergency start-up disk in case of problems.

  rawprawn 13:45 PM 03 Nov 09

"so can I just pop the disc back in and try a full install again"

Do you mean Windows 7, or your XP?
Windows 7 yes
Not so easy I think for XP

  jonmac 15:40 PM 03 Nov 09

Thanks for the reply rawprawn. Yes, I mean Windows 7. Seems like it should be straightforward and the disk image is always there to save the day should it not work for any reason. In that event I could use it to recover W7 then revert to XP first using the Windows.old file before trying again. Just thought it best to pose the question.
Thanks again.

  rawprawn 16:56 PM 03 Nov 09

" XP first using the Windows.old file before trying again"

You can only recover files from Windows Old File, not the operating system or Applications.

You should have no trouble reinstalling Windows 7 from scratch. Make sure that you choose the full installation not upgrade.

  jonmac 18:14 PM 03 Nov 09

Thanks again, rawprawn, but this.. click here ...seems to indicate you can indeed revert to a previous XP installation from Windows 7 provided you have the Window.old file created at the time. Maybe my phrasing wasn't quite right though.

  rawprawn 18:25 PM 03 Nov 09

Thanks for that, I didn't know.


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