Regional weather on BBC home page.

  Linkslade 01 Oct 11


The weather forecast on the BBC homepage is set to London by default. There is an edit facility, but I find that when setting my own region it remains there only until the PC is shut down. After starting up again it reverts to the default London setting.

Any advice appreciated.

  chub_tor 02 Oct 11

After customising the page, are you clicking on Save?

  Linkslade 02 Oct 11


I am now!

Many thanks for your help, much appreciated.

  Linkslade 03 Oct 11


Further to my above reply indicating that saving had been the answer, there has been a further developement which may be useful to anyone else who encounters a similar problem.

The 'customise and save' did the job once only. A permanent cure was effected when I switched my browser from Firefox back to Internet Explorer.

  chub_tor 03 Oct 11

I use IE9 Firefox 8 Beta and Chrome 14 and it saves fine on all three for me.

  Linkslade 03 Oct 11


I'll stick with IE atm as it's 'doing the business' and if at any future time I am able to get it to work on FF I'll post back.

Many thanks again for your help.

  Forum Editor 08 Oct 11

The 'save' option allows the BBC site to set a cookie on your computer. That's how the site knows which region to send to the page next time you visit.

If your browser is configured to delete cookies when you shut it down, or if you regularly clear your cookie cache you'll have to go through the same process each time.


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