regcure popup window

  a member 10:45 15 Mar 09

My sister called me yesterday , she has just got her new computer and after about a week ,she has got an annoying regcure popup window every time she tries to access her email , it wont let her into her email account , it demands to either be run or saved , she has tried saving it and cancelling it but the pop ups wont stop . she has never asked for regcure and its not installed .
I have read on several sites that regcure is a rogue program posing as a registry cleaner that gives spurious and unreliable results , yet others hail it as the best .
we just dont want this and its annoying if regcure is a legitimate program to be pestered in this way .
any ideas anyone.
I think he said the file name was regcure-rw.exe.

  User-1229748 13:32 15 Mar 09

try downloading,updating and running a squared free click here

  skidzy 14:50 15 Mar 09

Look in uninstall a program and uninstall Regcure and run ccleaner click here and reboot the computer.

If no joy,post back the location regcure-rw.exe is installed to.

Just type this into Vista start search ,this will tell its location.

If its in the c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 folder this is probably Malware.

Also run Malwarebytes updated in here

  a member 17:20 15 Mar 09

a search of the entire drive shows nothing to do with regcure , it is not in the uninstall programs list as it has never been installed ,in fact until yesterday she had never heard of it .
she opened her email program , but instead a window opened saying that she should install regcure ,and that it had found several faults that only regcure could fix.
there were 3 options , run (no brainer) save or cancel . we tried saving the file ,but the pop up still comes up instead of outlook express .
cancelling does nothing.
I have cleared out internet files ,cleared all the temp folders I can find , and checked start up folders , including hidden files .also checked start tab via msconfig .there is no trace of this pop up or file name anywhere .
A Squared did not find anything but did select several system files for me to delete.
looks like a browse in the registry is called for.

  brundle 17:54 15 Mar 09

Get Process Explorer, drag the target/gunsight icon onto any open Regcure window, it will highlight the associated process and where it's located in the filesystem. click here

  a member 18:24 15 Mar 09

I think (hope its sorted , I right clicked the email icon on the desktop, properties showed a http address , I deleted the email icon (shortcut).
and created a new one from the winmail .exe in the program files folder . no reoccurance .copying the http address into internet explorer address bar brought up the horrid window again without opening any web pages .
hopefully it is gone for good .

  a member 18:26 15 Mar 09

brundle , that process explorer looks good will have a look at that anyway ,


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