Reboot Windows 8

  Patrick16 10:50 AM 01 Mar 13

Trying to load Serif software (Pageplus11) I am told that I must Reboot the system to resolve a problem. I turned the machine (Dell Inspiron laptop)off and on again but with no change. How do I reboot under Windows 8?

  rdave13 11:26 AM 01 Mar 13

To reboot, cursor to right corner, select settings in the charms bar, power icon and select restart.

  chub_tor 16:04 PM 01 Mar 13

According to the Serif Compatibility List PagePlus11 has not been tested to see if it will work with Win 7 or Win 8. Did you install it in Compatibility Mode?

  Patrick16 15:42 PM 02 Mar 13

Thanks for your advice chub_tor but the advice of rdave13 worked. Thanks to rdave13 PagePlus 11 is now working on my Laptop. I thought that selecting "shutdown" and then restarting the PC would be exactly the same as "restart" but restart as advised works while I had already tried shutdown. Am I missing something? Thanks again to you both. Patrick16

  rdave13 20:20 PM 02 Mar 13

Shutting down clears all info in ram, rebooting gives a different signal to the hardware, so I imagine it's to do with stored info in ram when needing to reboot (not shutting down) to allow installation. Just a guess :)


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