Re-install Win 7 after crash

  1712864 19:30 PM 08 May 13

I have a Win 7 64bit system which ahs crashed and was very difficult to recover and is still unstable, although I had recently run backup, created a rescue disk and a restore point. Is it possible to fit a new hard drive, disconnect the ex. drive and install Windows on the new drive, and since I would have to re-install all the programs and peripherals which would take quite some time, would I in the meantime be able to disconnect the new drive and connect the ex. drive to use the computer? An help will be greatly appreciated.


  lotvic 20:59 PM 08 May 13

Yes you can do exactly what you describe. Just have one of the harddrives connected at any one time.

  lotvic 21:06 PM 08 May 13

I am presuming you have the W7 install DVD and the Retail product key

If you have W7 oem factory installed and pre-activated (sticker on pc with another product key - that will not be the key used for the factory install), post back with the full details of your pc. There may be other choices to make. For instance, there will be a program on your pc that will allow you to burn a full set of W7 DVD's that can be used for install on your new harddrive.

  1712864 14:13 PM 09 May 13

Many thanks for the advice. I have the original Win 7 disk, so it shouldn't be a problem. Thanks once again.



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