RAM and new W7

  john bunyan 29 Oct 09

I am limited to 4 Gig Ram by my motherboard. I am thinking of switching to W7 Professional (I have XP - 2 gig RAM-with Media Centre and want to go on using a MCE version), I will up my system to 4 Gig RAM. Is there any advantage to 64 bit or will my 4 gig RAM limit make it such that I may as well stay on 32 bit. I use Photoshop CS4 and most of my soft and hard ware is ok with both 32 and 64 bit (according to W7 Advisor)In other words will W7 Pro 32 bit use the 4gig RAM just as well as 64bit?

  john bunyan 30 Oct 09

Has any new W 7 user a view on this?

  Lee.C 30 Oct 09

Although Windows 7 32bit will recognise the 4GB of RAM, it will only be able to make use of around 3.25GB of it (could be lower/higher depending on your hardware).

The 64bit version will be able to use all of it.

The extra 0.75GB won't make a huge amount of difference, but in a program like Photoshop I guess it could come in handy.

  john bunyan 30 Oct 09

Thanks, are there any advantages to 64 bit other than the facility to use unlimited RAM? For those of us yet to update PC's that are limited to 4 Gig it is a fine differential.

  Lee.C 31 Oct 09

At the moment there's probably no real advantage other than the extra RAM capability.

In the long-term, the theory is that programs written specifically for 64bit will be faster, more efficient and be able to process more complex tasks.

Right now, there's not that many 64bit programs around but as it looks like the 64bit version of Windows 7 is going to be more popular than the XP/Vista equivalents, this is likely to change.

Incidently, Photoshop is one of those programs that does have a 64bit version already.

  john bunyan 31 Oct 09

There seem to be a few worries with PS and Bridge CS4 but if one gets the W 7 Pro version, I suppose at worst you can use the XP mode until these are solved .I will consult Adobe before deciding.


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