Program Entries in Programs and Settings

  tullie 09 Aug 09

I have entries in Programs and Settings that i cant delete,even though the program has been deleted,they dont show in Revo,any ideas anyone?

  tullie 09 Aug 09

Sorry,that should mean Programs and Features in Control Panel

  mrwoowoo 09 Aug 09

Something that worked for me was Ccleaner.
Double click Ccleaner then on tools.
then in uninstall click delete entry.That's if you have uninstalled the programme,which i take is what you mean and not deleted.

  tullie 09 Aug 09

Thanks for the reply.I had tried that and they are not listed,thanks anyway.It is nero thats been uninstalled,but left entries behind.

  BRYNIT 10 Aug 09

Try the Nero general cleaning tool click here

  sunnystaines 10 Aug 09

got the same prob with ms works that came p reinstalled on xp deleted program, but still listed in add/remove if click to uninstall asks for cd?

ccleaner and revo get same problem, given up on it, surprised to see similar prob.

  Pine Man 10 Aug 09

It sometimes helps to re-install the offending software and then uninstall it again.

  mrwoowoo 10 Aug 09

Could try deleting from the registry.
click here

  tullie 10 Aug 09

General cleaning tool dident work,will move onto registry next.

  Jim_F 11 Aug 09

If its Nero 9 then pre-Dec 2008 versions did make a bit of a mess that clean tool didn't touch - I'm guessing that if the installer doesn't behave predictably then clean tool can't help.

I found that reinstalling or using system restore so I could use the Revo two stage uninstal did tidy things up a lot followed by the ccleaner scan for redundant registry entries.

Even better would be a system restore point pre-Nero as I know from bitter experience that there's an awful lot of Nero registry data !


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