Problems with Win 7 and Orange Livebox

  Severn Bore 21 Nov 09

Have just upgraded to Win 7 from Vista. No apparent probs so far BUT cannot get onto the net or access mail via Outlook. I use an Orange Livebox connected to my PC by ethernet cable. Have had no problems until now. Livebox is shown as connected to the net (I am writiing this on my laptop which is wirelessly connected via the same Livebox) and my user name and password seem to have been accepted, but despite rebooting the PC and Livebox, uninstalling and reinstalling Livebox, etc I have had no joy. Orange claims there is no conflict with Win 7. Any ideas please?

  User-1229748 21 Nov 09

have a look in device manager and see if your network card is enabled and working.control panel-device manager.did you leave the ethernet cable in your pc and live box when you did the upgrade?on your pc manufacturers website did they say to download drivers before upgrading to windows 7?

  User-1229748 21 Nov 09

also what firewall are you using?if using the windows 7 firewall turn it off and see if you can get online.

  Severn Bore 21 Nov 09

Hi smackheads
Have tried all of that, but no luck. I did not download any new Livebox software as no update is available (or deemed necessary). However I did leave the box connected during upgrade and as far as I can tell Win 7 connected to check the authenticity of my serial number?!

  User-1229748 21 Nov 09

right click your network icon bottom right of screen and click on troubleshoot and see what that comes up with

  Severn Bore 21 Nov 09

Sorry, tried that too. I have just removed everything from Networks and Internet/Livebox to see whether I can sort it from scratch. Will report outcome (probably tomorrow as the PC is at risk of going out of the window unless I relax for awhile!!

  User-1229748 21 Nov 09

good luck,i've had many a moment like that where routers are concerned :o(

  Severn Bore 22 Nov 09

Hi smackheadz,
I am now fully connected again! Removed and /or disabled everything relevant to Internetand then reinstalled Livebox after rebooting PC this morning. All now works a treat, but I still have no idea what caused the original problem. Thanks for your help though.

  User-1229748 22 Nov 09

it would have more than likely just been down to your pc settings not matching your livebox settings,at least you sorted it anyway,well done.


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