Problems encountered so far....

  Bob The Nob© 05 Mar 09

I have been using the last alpha to be released, and I have only encountered a few problems.

1. FTP in Windows Explorer doesn't work but it doe sin DOS & IE

2. everytime I minamise FireFox, my MSN comes up

3.somthing has gone horribly wrong with windows Task scheduler to where it nags me that its failed.

4.The Notes program stays in the taskbar and doesnt move to the system tray

5. Turning off UAC stops the gadgets

6. Samba Shares set as Networked Driver like to not reconnected at times.

  jimv7 06 Mar 09

Its a beta version, expect teething problems.

2 and 5, same issues on mine, 1,3,4,and 6 no idea.

  Dipso 06 Mar 09

The only things that have affected me are the inability to hot swap my external drives like I could with Vista, I have got around this another way though and 1 non-essential software program wasn't compatible. Apart from that no problems.

  smy13 08 Mar 09

1. Live messenger 9 beta keeps crashing.
2. Microsoft live cam VX 1000 causes BSOD.
Other than that very happy with 7, so much so it's now the only OS I'm using

  ambra4 26 Apr 09

Bob The Nob© & jimv7

“5. Turning off UAC stops the gadgets”

You can still use gadgets even when you've turned off UAC by editing the registry

In the Search Bar, type “regedit” and press Enter.

This will launch the Registry Editor go to: -


Create a new DWORD value called AllowElevatedProcess.

To create the new DWORD, select Edit > New DWORD (32-bit) Value and give it the name


Set its value to 1.

Close the Registry Editor, right-click the desktop and select Gadgets.

You'll now be able to add gadgets as you would normally.


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