Problems after windows 8 refresh

  VAIOCenter 09 Feb 13

I recently had a small, really small problem on my PC. I could not boot at startup. I had to always have new try, if I had to choose an option. I chose so after five times the opportunity. But when I pass the option "Refresh your PC", I typed it by mistake. Then he expanded all drawers and stuff. So after an hour he was charged. But the background was completely black. All my plans would were gone, and there was only an app that Banchette: Deleted apps. "There are apps removed, but we understand how that is. Yet that is not where we get stuck. We can not reinstall the apps ie. We can also provide the background of the computer does not change. And even if we drive C: to approach, he says that we do not have access. He also says that we are 0 bytes, but that there is also 0 bytes available. So basically we are now excluded by our own computer. Of course this is not really useful. Therefore we ask you for help. We would love to be a quick response. (We can also reach the Internet, but not download it.) What should we do?!

Thanks for reading,


  rdave13 09 Feb 13

Do you have a laptop and did you create a set of DVDs as backup?

  lotvic 09 Feb 13

rdave13, how about that F12 at startup option I read about from your link on another thread, do you think that might work?

  rdave13 09 Feb 13

That's for a Toshiba machine, lotvic, and they do things their own way:(

Worth a try but you can't beat the recovery discs or usb recovery drive, for a good chance.

  VAIOCenter 10 Feb 13

rdave13, i didn't. Another options?


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