Problem syncing W8 calendar with Google calendar

  Quickbeam 11:37 AM 23 Feb 13

I've been trying to get the W8 metro app to sync with my Google calendar, like this, but it keeps telling me that it can't connect and to check the Google account info which is correct.

Has anyone else got a problem with this?

  rdave13 12:21 PM 25 Feb 13
  Quickbeam 11:09 AM 26 Feb 13

Thanks rdave13, The main annoyance it that the tile is useless unless it indicates events due. I've no intention of using two calendars as my phone and mobile device is Android and suits Google calendar well.

  rdave13 23:26 PM 26 Feb 13

The same thing is happening with the G Map tile. I can no longer get my location on it. Everything else works though. Stick with google calendar on the desktop and uninstall the calendar tile. Pity these giant corporations don't think of their customers/users at times.

  Quickbeam 08:18 AM 27 Feb 13

Does this mean that Windows phones will have the same problem? If that's the case the choice of what phone I'll buy, or more accurately, won't buy, has been dictated as I'm happy with the flexible openness of Android over other OSs.


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