Problem with multi function printer

  morris948 16 May 09

Windows 7 has loaded my Canon MPC 200 printer scanner device, but it has listed it as a device and not a printer, the drivers are recognised from the disc and it has identified it as a storage device.

Does anyone know any workarounds to make it see it as a printer, or is it just windows bugs.

  morris948 17 May 09

When win 7 was first installed, it scanned my system and found all the devices, it found my MPC 200 printer/scanner and marked it as no driver found.
So, i installed the driver from the CDROM that came with the printer, and the drivers were found and installed, this then removed the red cross from the device list in control panel, and the device manager showed the MPC 200 without problem.
But it will not run, because it is not seen as a printer.

How do i change this?

  bjh 17 May 09

Not sure about the latter part. The first post, where it recognised a storage device is probably because the printer has a card slot on it.

Suggest visit manufacturer's site, download latest Vista drivers, and un-install the cd version, reinstall the latest ones.

  morris948 17 May 09

I am one of those that believe 'if it aint broke dont fix it' and my MPC 200 has worked perfectly for the past 5 years.
So, Canon did not provide drivers for Vista, then it is very unlikely that win 7 will have drivers, i hate throwing away perfectly good stuff, just because it is incompatible.

So anyone with a MPC 200 - stick with XP until your printer breaks.

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