Problem installing Office 2010 from MS download.

  trenchn 03 Dec 11

Hi, I am getting the much seen error 2203 when installing Office 2010. I have tried the permissions route as suggested, but to no avail. Has anyone any other suggestions? Thanks Nick

  difarn 03 Dec 11

Did you install it as Administrator?

It could be some of the Microsoft Services affecting the installation.

Did you follow the permissions route as per this?

Saw this comment in another forum:- "My husband was able to get it installed. At the beginning of the install there is a box checked that says something to the effect it will try to authenticate the license while doing the install. He unchecked that and the install completed! Once complete, he opened a work doc and was prompted for the license key and it took it at that point and we're good to go."

Alternatively you could do it from a clean boot, which many users have had to do - see this link

  trenchn 03 Dec 11

Tried the unchecking thing, no good. I'm not sure if I am confident enough to do a clean install. The MS site has a scary warning!

  difarn 03 Dec 11

When you did the "unchecking thing" did you power down and re-boot again?

I agree about the warnings - they are usually just that but if you set a restore point it should be ok.

Did you manage to have a look at the Microsoft Services recommendation?

  difarn 03 Dec 11

These alsoo ccurred to me.

Have you tried to install it on top of a previous pre-release version of 2010? If so, this has to be removed first.You also need to remove Outlook Connector - see this article

Did you upgrade to the same type of Word i.e. Professional to Professional? If not this can also cause problems.

May be worth having a go at the "Fix Me" option with Microsoft.

  trenchn 03 Dec 11

Not sure whichof the many fixes I have tried worked, but I am now up and running. Thanks very much for the help. Cheers Nick

  difarn 03 Dec 11

Excellent - well done for not giving up.


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