Problem with Firefox 8.0.1.

  472 15 Dec 11

Since installing Firefox 8.0.1 when I now double click on the icon on my desktop it takes ages to load up the home page.Anyone know why this is happening please.Once it appears it works ok.

  difarn 15 Dec 11

It could by your Anti Virus software scanning files for permissions after detecting changes in the updated Firefox. Some antivirus software may do intensive scans of each of these files during startup and block access until those scans complete.

Have a look at Firefox home page setting - tools - options - general - change it to default and see if that makes any dfference.

Have a look to see if you have the "don't load tabs" until selected option checked - uncheck this so that the pages don't load until you select them - have a look at this article.

Another problem could be your plug-ins - check them here.

  472 15 Dec 11

Tried all that with no joy.Gone back to the vold version now which has no problems.

  difarn 15 Dec 11

Think there are a few things that Firefox needs to sort out and hopefully this will happen in the next couple of updates. It is my preferred browser but this particular version isn't without its problems.


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