Problem with Display Settings - Duplicate LT/TV

  The Potter 04 Jul 11

I have a 15inch widescrenn laptop hooked up to a 26in widescreen LCD TV.

Last week I fiddled with the resolution settings so I could view the online tennis in full screen rather than widescreen, things seemed to be alright though because my friend could still use YouTube etc without problem.

Since last night though, the image on the TV is not correct (the duplicate one of the laptop is fine). I noticed that the text on the desktop is wrong and the desktop image stopped about 1cm short of the left edge.

Reading a channel page in YouTube is really obvious though and the text is quite unreadable - I think it is too close together but may have that wrong.

Screen res is set to the recommended level of 1360 x 768, I have tried other levels but they don't improve things. The display is set to 1/2 Multiple Monitors and set to duplicate image on both. I did try it with TV only and with mobile disply only and then sent to projector but that made no difference and going through the clear type settings didn't help either. Performance settings changed from letting Windows handle all to best viewing performance made no difference.

I'm sure I must be missing a setting some where as the display is absolutely fine on the laptop itself.

Any ideas please?


  Crosstrainer2 05 Jul 11

Have you tried the display settings on the TV itself, mine works fine for weeks, then suddenly decides to go into Super Cinema mode, which displays all the characteristics you describe here.

  1. Put the laptop back to the settings that worked originally
  2. Try checking the TV itself :))
  gigagiggles 30 Jul 11

The native resolutions of the laptop screen and the LCD TV may differ. Some TV's allow underscan/overscan settings to match the other display.


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