printer response problem

  Trotter2 21 Feb 12

hi i recently posted on here for help installing a wi-fi printer, which was very successful, thankyou everybody! however i've since had a computer crsh and now i don't seem to be able to re-install my printer. i've used the software disc again and checked that the wi-fi connection is ok, but when i try to print a web page nothing happens! i have Windows 7 and the printer is an Epson Stylus SX435W. please help if you can! thanks.

  difarn 21 Feb 12

You say you cannot re-install your printer but you say that the wi-fi connection is ok. Is your printer seen by your PC? When you click on "print" is the printer in the list? Did you reinstall the relevant driver?

Have you tried printing anything else other than web pages?

Have a look at this article about problems with printing web pages.

  Trotter2 21 Feb 12

so is to best to uninstall then re-install from scratch? i installed from the disc as when first activated! is it possible for drver to have become corrupted during install?

  difarn 22 Feb 12

I would uninstall and reinstall and make sure that your PC has recognised your printer in Devices and Printers. Make sure that you completely uninstall everything. It is possible that a driver can have been corrupted but these can be downloaded from the Epson site or you can let Windows 7 find a suitable driver.

When you have installed it try to print something other than a web page. If you still cannot get it to print web pages then go through the troubleshooter in the article in my previous post.

  Trotter2 22 Feb 12

thanks for your help difarn! all sorted now! your tips and suggestions worked! thanks!

  difarn 22 Feb 12

Excellent - glad to help.

  Fradd 01 Mar 12

Your printer may not be printing but other functions are getting properly executed. The cause may be the clogging of the ink cartridge. Just implementing the cleaning process can get it fixed.


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