Printer Problems

  morddwyd 20 Oct 09

How peculiar.

Having had the RC running like a breeze since the day it was first available, I know find that I cannot install my HP printer using the just released retail version, and HP still insist they don't support Windows 7.

Perhaps I'll reinstall the RC for a couple of months!

  sunnystaines 20 Oct 09
  961 20 Oct 09

Yes, but if you go to the HP download site and try to download a W7 driver, despite the green tick, you'll find it's not yet available (Photosmart 2575)

  sunnystaines 20 Oct 09

i have the 2575 too, using vista on a recent auto update it said windows compatibility, but as you say there is no hp driver yet. both ms and hp say after install of w7 goto windows update to get the driver.

my w7 not arrived yet so only know what i have just stated.

[have the impression the ms update will be printer only not scanner or copier, but might be wrong]

  morddwyd 20 Oct 09

The driver is no problem, the printer prints OK. It just won't do all the other things it's been doing for the last 5 months, like scanning, photo editing, faxing etc.

Simply says software not compatible with this version of Windows.

Yesterday it was, today it ain't!

  anskyber 20 Oct 09

Perhaps they will release something after the 22nd?

  sunnystaines 21 Oct 09

is the vista driver any good with the scanning etc?

  morddwyd 21 Oct 09

Don't know.

To scan to/from the PC you need the software, which won't install.

When I installed the RC I got the option "Install using recommended settings?" which worked OK.

Withe the retail version I get the option, but it still doesn't install.

  961 21 Oct 09

Usual shambles leaving customers deciding it's best to stick with XP

Anyone bet the two monoliths are staring each other out while Microsoft demands a mega fee for giving driver approval?

  961 21 Oct 09

I see that drivers for Photosmart 2575 dated 21/10/09 have been posted on the HP download site this morning

  sunnystaines 21 Oct 09

this is what i get from hp drivers page for 2575 for 32bit windows7

" Installing the Product with the USB Cable and Using the Driver Located in the Windows 7 Operating System"


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