Please tick resolved posts.

  difarn 25 Jan 12

I'm sure it would help everyone if posters used the tick facility when a post has been resolved. It helps other posters who have a problem to know that they may be able to find an answer relatively easily.

  lotvic 25 Jan 12

I quite agree, but getting posters (particularly noobies) to do it is another thing - and has always been problematic. Just have to learn to live with the fact that some don't even bother saying whether or not advice given has helped or clicking on the grey tick to turn it green ;-)

I guess all we can do is give a gentle reminder on a thread and advise how to green tick - then it's up to them.

  difarn 25 Jan 12

Here's hoping - it would be very useful for everyone.

  difarn 26 Jan 12

Putting this to the top again in the hope that more might read it.

  Woolwell 26 Jan 12

Getting posters to resolve their threads has been an issue for years.

  bob. 27 Jan 12

Ticked as soon as resolved satisfactory resolution

Thanks difarn. Tool works well.

  difarn 27 Jan 12

It is just so useful, to everyone. Did send a message to the forum administrator to see if a message could be put at the top of each category but didn't get a response.

  Teaboy 27 Jan 12

I keep looking for somewhere to click but have never found it!

  Woolwell 27 Jan 12

If you have created a thread then on the right below Likes you will find a grey tick. Click on it and it turns green = resolved.

  Forum Editor 27 Jan 12

"Did send a message to the forum administrator to see if a message could be put at the top of each category but didn't get a response."

You didn't send a message to me - who did you send it to, and what kind of message did you want me to put at the top of each category? If you mean a message about ticking resolved threads, we're not going to do it. We want to encourage people to use our forums freely, without feeling that they're being subjected to too many rules and regulations.

It's obviously helpful if resolved threads are ticked, but it's not the most important thing - we've lived very happily with this issue for years, as Woolwell has pointed out.

  difarn 28 Jan 12

I sent the message via the contact facility. I did receive an automated reply to the effect that the facility was there but no response to my suggestion that it possibly could be put at the top of each page as a polite request.

From the few responses it seems like it has been a thorny issue. I would have thought that if people have a specific problem then it would be very helpful if they can see that there has been a resolved thread instead of having to trawl through a mass of unresolved issues. It is also, as others have responded, the polite thing to do if you have been helped.

It wasn't my intention to cause any upset as it obviously seems to have done - feel free to remove my posts on the topic if you feel necessary.


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