Photographs ?

  ron16 13 Nov 12

Since changing my laptop and server I get problems with moving my photos around to various other sites.for the last 20 years or so I have never had any problems until this year. I`ll admit to be moving on in years, maybe this is maybe one of the reasons ! I moved from a Toshiba to Dell and changed from Orange to BT. Any advice would be happily received, Ron16

  Woolwell 13 Nov 12

"Moving photos around to various other sites" - what other sites? Are these photos on your laptop or elsewhere?

  ron16 13 Nov 12

My photos are loaded on to Photoshop which I have always used. Now when I go to E.mail one or place one on a friends site I get a message that says it cant be found or there is no path for it ! I used to use my pictures all over the net and fnd it most enjoyable...but things seem to have gone flat since then. I dont wish to bother people but came across this site and thought I would give it a try. I dont think I`m on the thick side but am just on my 83rd year. So any advice would be welcome , Thanks,Ron16

  Woolwell 13 Nov 12

The photos should be on your computer somewhere. You use Photoshop to edit them and possible also to import them. If you look in the Pictures library on your laptop then you should be able to find them. For email you will need to browse to the location on your hard drive and then attach them and for posting on the net then you will need to upload them from their location. The message probably indicates that you haven't pointed the websites to the correct location on your laptop. If they were previously loaded then they may be referring to your old laptop.

I don't think that you are the oldest using this site.

  ron16 13 Nov 12

Many thanks for your reply Woolwell. I do have my picures on hand and edit them on Photoshop. the problem is when I go to send them or load them up onto various sites. I will follow your advice and see how things go. Many thanks for answering my query. I will keep using this site for future advice. Thanks again , Ron16


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