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  trevecchi 09:36 16 Jan 08

Please excuse a very basic question.

I bought a new PC at the weekend with Vista so I've gort Windows Photo Gallery. I also got HP Photosmart with the HP printer and when downloading Adobe Acrobat I ended up with Adobe Photoshop as well!

Which photo program would you recommend I stick with? I only need basic functions like downloading, viewing and e-mailing.

  J B 10:26 16 Jan 08

Why don't you try "Windows Live Photo Gallery". It is the souped up version of Vista's Photo Gallery click here

You could also try Picasa click here but I have to say that I personally don't like it as much as Live Photo Gallery. Try both and see what you think. When you downloaded Adobe you got Photoshop Album SE which is good for basic edits and organizing, anyway try them all and see which one suits your purpose. J.B.

  anskyber 10:33 16 Jan 08

I use the same ones JB has highlighted. Windows Live has a useful stitch facility to create panoramas.

  anskyber 10:36 16 Jan 08

I have noticed that some programs display images with greater clarity on a screen, others are less sharp. Picasa is very sharp so I view with Picasa with some editing but edit with Live.

  J B 10:55 16 Jan 08

I forgot to tell you that if you decide to go with Live photo Gallery you will download an installer that will have the whole suite of Windows Live programs, just check the ones that you want to download and don't bother about the others. J.B.

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