Photo resizing with Vista

  popgeoff 00:12 18 Oct 07

My desktop runs Windows XP. I downloaded a resizing programme from Microsoft Power Toy site and find it very useful.
My laptop runs Vista HP with which the above programme is incompatible. Any good ideas please.There is a resizing option in Mail with Vista but I can't use that for some reason.

  mgmcc 07:17 18 Oct 07

I use "Irfanview" to resize images in both XP and Vista - click here

  rawprawn 09:43 18 Oct 07

click here
This does exactly the same thing (and more)as the one from Power Toys from the context menu

  ventanas 11:55 18 Oct 07

Very useful Dennis, thank you very much.

  rawprawn 13:29 18 Oct 07

Hi John, enjoy!

  popgeoff 16:26 18 Oct 07

Many thanks for all the advice. This is a great forum.

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