PC's cannot connect in windows easy transfer

  zeusrealm 18:04 PM 05 Feb 13

Im having troubles with easy transfer, after about a min trying to connect its saying it cannot connect to the other pc, and i wanna know if my network is ok so i can rule that out and move onto the next. Im using it between 32bit vista to 64bit 8, im doing it through a crossover cable, as far as im aware i have file sharing on both set correctly, i read on a few sites and a vid on youtube (although the vid was on xp to vista or 7 i believe) of needing both pcs on the same subnet or gateway...something like that (i cant remember which one, if either) and on the vid about setting these settings they said to, and set the ips of each to and and subnet to, which i had copied. One site said i think, if they were both on the same network connected to each other, ud be able to successfully ping the other pc, whether this is wrong, or my understanding of it is wrong, i dont know. Anyway, when ip settings are changed and both connected through crossover, i can ping both pcs. I think that is everything i was going to say about my network.

I just would like to now if my are correctly networked together for windows easy transfer to work, or if something isnt right. Thanks.

  chub_tor 16:17 PM 06 Feb 13
  zeusrealm 22:37 PM 07 Feb 13

Hi, i had a look at it and most of it was what i had done although i still followed it as it said there was no need to put in a dns which i did do as i wasnt sure if i needed to but it still didnt work. Thanks for the suggest though.


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