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  Shifa's Gran 06 Sep 11

My laptop hard drive is almost full, despite keeping some stuff on the D Drive and an external hard drive - to free up space. I believe that all the updates over the 3 years I've had the laptop are clogging up the memory space. Could I safely delete some of the earlier (2007/8/9 and 2010) ones? They are labelled - but it's all Greek to me! If files are superceeded - the old ones just sit there, do they? Please advise. My programmes only take up about 3gb - yet I have used up 49gb !!!!! Would appreciate advice from someone who knows - thanks

  smokingbeagle 10 Sep 11

Download CCleaner http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/standard


Download CCleaner Enhancer http://thewebatom.net/blog/software-updates/ccleaner-enhancer-1-3-released/

Install. Both are freeware but be aware of the program(s) asking to install toolbars.

Run CCleaner and check the appropriate boxes, alternatively check all the boxes. CCleaner is well recommended by all and sundry and is considered safe to use.

  smokingbeagle 10 Sep 11

Assuming that you have SP1 and SP2 installed, click on "Start" and in the box type CMD. You will see a black DOS screen.Type vsp1cln and press [Enter]. y/n press y then the removal of the SP1 install files will start. After completion, re-boot. Click on "Start" and in the box type CMD. You'll see the DOS screen again.

Type compcln.exe and then press Enter.

Type Y when you see Would you like to continue? and press Enter

Do let us know how you get on.

  Shifa's Gran 10 Sep 11

When I follow your instructions beginning with START and then CMD etc - I get a message which says :- "vsp1cln is not recognised as an internal or external command.operable programme or batch file" I will now try your other suggestion - and convey my thanks Regards Shifa's Gran

  Shifa's Gran 17 Sep 11

Thanks -ccleaner freed up 6gb !!!! Thanks for the tip

  smokingbeagle 22 Sep 11

Glad it worked. Regards to Shifa and yourself.


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