PC Still crashing after Vista Re-installation

  Bertie B 23 Apr 10

Hi there

Looking for any suggestions please!!

Laptop started crashing when trying to run Mc.Affee virus scan so got a bit suspicious and decided to run Acer Recovery Discs.

My HDD is partioned into C: & D: drives - D being my data drive so Vista installation resides on C:

All went ok with the re-installation until Microsoft Update started to install updates - keeps crashing! I note that many updates have filed to install - more updates downloaded today whilst Mc.Affee had kicked in and started a virus scan - retuned to pc to find crashed and no log of any scan having been recorded.

Am currently formatting drive D: in case there is a nasty and considering re-installing Vista again.

Problem is that recovery software is 3 years old so contains an out of date Norton AV which automatically installs and then has to be unistalled before BT Mc.Affee Net Plus package can be installed - wonder if something is creeping in via download whilst pc is vulnerable whilst installing Mc.Affee!!??

Any suggestions as to possible cause and way forward appreciated.




  Sea Urchin 23 Apr 10

This problem is caused by McAfee updates - you need to follow their advice to correct the situation

click here

and here's the story

click here

  Bertie B 23 Apr 10

Sea Urchin

Many thanks for the info!

McAfee product I am using on all pcs is BT NetProtect Plus - comes with BT Broadband Package.

So far only problems have been on my laptop running Vista - seems to have started some days ago after certain Windows updates installled. Touch wood other computers running Vista and XP have not so far suffered! System Restore did not solve - nor did re-installation of windows and McAfee.

Ran McAfee Virtual Mechanic tool - didn't solve - so removed McAfee and installed Windows Microsoft Security Essentials - Free MS AntiVirus/Malware Software. So now relying on this and Windows Firewall. At last all Windows updates have installed - so will now see if things remain stable.

Thanks again


  Sea Urchin 23 Apr 10

MSE is a good choice - and far less intrusive than McAfee (quite apart from this latest trouble). Let's hope all continues to run happily.


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