Password box has the jitters so password cannot be entered

  gordonbennett 11:09 04 May 13

When trying to get into Windows 8 the box for entering the password is very jittery and will not allow typing. A mouse click stabilises it until I try again when the box becomes jittery again. The jitters extend to the small icons of the clock face to the left and the 'off' icon to the right.

Is there a remedy and, if there is, what is it - bearing in mind particularly that I cannot get into Windows in order to input, or reset, anything.

  rdave13 11:45 04 May 13

On the log in screen press and hold the SHIFT key and try to click on the power button and click on restart. If it's worked it should boot to the Advanced startup options screen. Select Troubleshoot then safe mode. Reboots to safe mode then log in. If it's working OK running in safemode it could be a graphics problem or that your screen resolution is wrong. Has the graphics driver been updated? Also right click on desktop, screen resolution and see if set to recommended settings.

  gordonbennett 13:06 04 May 13

Many thanks. Your suggestion did produce a menu above the START button but it appeared so briefly I could not read it, let alone choose one of the alternatives. However, being a click-happy type, I held down ALT instead of START and got straight to the menu which included the RESTART option - which worked perfectly.

  gordonbennett 13:08 04 May 13

Apologies - START in line 3 of my reply should, of course, be SHIFT.

  rdave13 13:18 04 May 13

That's good to know about using the ALT key, will have to try it out :) Did you find out what was causing the issue?

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