Partitioning in Vista

  gaynes1cove 12:57 19 Jul 07

I wish to repartition my drives to increase the C drive to give Vista more room. I have Partiton Magic 7 which worked with XP but I am not able to work it with Vista. Which partition program suits Vista?

  BurrWalnut 13:39 19 Jul 07

You could try the Shrink/Extend feature in Vista :
Right-click Computer, Manage, Disk Management then right-click the drive to be changed or have a look click here

The shrink partition utility can only decrease the partition size down to the first unmovable/locked system file. To get round this, temporarily turn off System Restore, do the shrink and turn System Restore back on. Running a defrag may also move some of the ‘unmovable’ files.
Alternatively, you can shrink partitions by running the diskpart command from the Vista DVD, which avoids the occurrence of locked files.

  gaynes1cove 16:02 19 Jul 07

Many thanks Burr Walnut. I was not able to stretch the C Drive but I was able to get from your link info on Paragon Partition Manager for a reasonable price which is able to do the Job.

  skidzy 20:43 19 Jul 07

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